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Kannel HTTP Admin

For a project, I need to send and recieve SMS's by accessing Mobile Operators SMSC account.
SMSC(SMS Center) is a server which resides on Operators infrastructure and acts as a gateway between internet and Operators network.
This server understands an unique protocol called SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer).
To this project, I have to use version 3.4 of the SMPP protocol.

Therefore I used Kannel as a gateway between Operators SMSC and our Web Application.
Kannel( is an open source WAP/SMS gateway. Once the Kannel gateway is configured properly, it is accessed via HTTP inorder to send/receive SMS and administration purpose.

This article covers how to admin the kannel via HTTP. This covers for release 1.4.3

ActionLink to invoke
To check the status of the kannel http://kannelhost:port/status.txt
To get the response in xml then use http://kannelhost:port/status.xml
To restart entire SMSC connections http://kannelhost:port/restart?password=xxx , must use the admin password.
It will re-read the configuration file and start all the SMSC connetions
To change the log level of the bearerbox in runtime http://kannelhost:port/log-level?level=1&password=xxx ,  
available levels are : (0 = is for 'debug', 1 = 'info', 2 = 'warning, 3 = 'error' and 4 ='panic').
To stop a certain SMSC http://kannelhost:port/stop-smsc?smsc=smsc_id&password=xxx ,
smsc_id is the link name which needs to be stop. Once invoked, it will kill the SMSC connection.
To start a dead SMSC connection http://kannelhost:port/start-smsc?smsc=smsc_id&password=xxx ,
it doesn't re-read the configuration from the file and use the data in the memory to start the SMSC connection.

There are more http commands available, but normally I don't used them.
They are : store-status, flush-dlr, reload-lists

By @Senthadev