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Ciphering with TripleDES in outer CBC mode using 2 keys

Recently, I was working on a project to implement the 3GPP TS 23.048 specification. It's a specification which deals with security
mechanisms for the (U)SIM application toolkit. Under a particular section (KIC and KID), I have to implement the Triple DES in outer CBC mode with 2 keys. Well, I initially implemented using python/Crypto library. Later I implemented it using Go.

Triple DES is a block cipher/encryption algorithm. In other words, applying DES algorithm 3 times on each block.
Generally we have to use 3 keys, but current sim cards supports only 2 keys (or maybe the sim card which I used was following 2 keys standard).
Enough with theory, lets get into action.

package main

import (

func main(){
    kic := "7962D9ECE03D1ACD4C76089DCE131543" //its a 16 bytes key (values in hex)
    initialVector := "0000000000000000" //8 bytes
    plainText := "112233445566778811223344556677881122334455667788" // length must be multiply of 8

    //convert the kic to 3 keys (k1, k2, k3 where k1 != k2 and k1 == k3)
    kic = fmt.Sprintf("%s%s", kic, kic[0:16])

    key, _ := hex.DecodeString(kic);
    iv, _ :=  hex.DecodeString(initialVector)
    src, _ := hex.DecodeString(plainText)

    dest := make([]byte, len(src))
    tdes, err := des.NewTripleDESCipher(key); if err != nil{
    encrypt := cipher.NewCBCEncrypter(tdes, iv)
    encrypt.CryptBlocks(dest, src)

    log.Println("Plain  value :", plainText)
    log.Println("Cipher value :", hex.EncodeToString(dest))

Thats it, using standard Go library we can implement the entire 3GPP TS 23.048 specification.

By @Senthadev